How to have a horse racing party...
Jockey Party
How to have a horse racing party

And they're off! Your little jockey wants a party and a horse racing party might be just
the ticket. Here are some ideas to get you going on a horse racing party:

  • Dress up the party in jockey silks: The jockey costume, right, will get the birthday
    boy or girl in the party spirit. The "silks" are all in one and easy to wear. Your
    child will hop on a pretend horse, and imagine riding in the Kentucky Derby!
    While dressing all the kids in "silks" might run your party over budget, you can
    certainly enhance your party with these jockey silk ideas:
  • Design jockey silks: As an activity, have the kids design their own silks with
    this easy coloring template.
  • Find new uses for jockey cookie cutters: A cookie cutter can help make a
    template for invitations and thank you cards. Use them for place cards or  
    to identify foods for your buffet table too. For decorations, make jockey
    cutouts that your child can help decorate. String them into a garland or
    decorate a pennant banner. You can also cut sandwiches, fondant for the
    cake or cheese for the appetizer tray from the cookie cutters. Finally, be
    sure to bake big batch sugar cookies (recipe from our cute party ideas
    site) with them too! Lower left, you'll find s horse racer, jockey silks, and a
    jockey helmet.

  • Welcome guests to the Jockey Zone: Post the yellow "Jockey Zone" sign, right, at
    the entrance to your party to help transform the atmosphere upon entry. Or
    create a paddock area of the backyard using the sign and some party tape as a
    special entrance. Later, the birthday kid will enjoy it as a memory of the party
    posted outside his bedroom door.

Jockey Horse Racing Party Supplies
Hosting a jockey party requires a little extra effort because it's not about pretty little
horses: it's all about the action. If you're looking for horse racing party supplies, you
won't find much at the local party supply store, so head with speed to the Internet:

  • Day at the races: You'll feel like a winner with the "Day at the Races" party
    napkins, above, which have coordinating plates, and more, including a
    centerpiece decoration, pennant banners, and beverage coasters below.

  • Derby beads: Decorate the little jockeys with the Mardi Gras style beads. Above,
    the beads feature a racing horse with jockey helmets and a lucky horse shoe.

  • Jockey helmets: Add a celebratory tone with a Jockey helmet party hat. The
    colorful plastic variety above, right, is not available in your local party supply
    store. Buy a few extras and serve party snack mixes in them.

Horse Racing snacks and treats
Set up a "Dollar Days" concession stand. Add to the fun and provide kids with
Monopoly money for betting, and for "buying" snacks and treats. Have grandparent, an
older sibling or neighborhood kid run the concession stand. Stock your stand with easy
to grab foods:

  • Hot dogs: Keep dogs fresh with a hot dog roller. Left, the Nostalgic Hot Dog
    Roller, holds up to 8 regular-sized hot dogs or 4 foot-long hot dogs at a time.
    Use it to grill wieners, hot links, and breakfast sausages too.

  • Include Bugles corn snacks! They're on the cheap, too: $11.96 for a dozen, left,
    and eligible for FREE super saver shipping.

Favors for a Horse Racing Party

  • Plastic binoculars: Kids will feel like adults wagering with binoculars in hand to
    catch all the exciting details of the race. Left, buy them easily by the dozen.
    Again, this item is just not available in the local party supply.

Horse Racing Games

  • Kids Horse Racing Games:
  • Derby horse racing game. Fast and furious action will keep junior jockeys laughing
    while they're competing in this game of skill and accuracy with the derby horse
    racing game, above. The classic horse-racing game promotes hand-eye
    coordination as kids shoot metal balls up the ramp and into the target hole to
    make horses gallop forward.

  • Entertain the parents. Now you can have the raw excitement of a flutter on the
    horses without the risk of losing your shirt with the horse racing DVD, pictured
    top right! This game recreates all the fun of a race night at home. Packed with
    action, drama and suspense, the game offers a thrilling selection of flat, jump,
    Summer and Winter races. Each player begins with $5,000. By betting on the
    outcome, the aim is to make profit. Intended for adults, this can be educational
    for the kids. Study the form of the horses and check the odds and then place
    your bets before the race begins.

More resources for your horse racing party:
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