Kentucky Derby Party
Kid's Fun Fact sheet For your Kentucky Derby Party

Kids who love horses will love a Kentucky Derby Party. At the party, teach kids about
the Kentucky Derby. Here are some kid fun facts and ideas to help guide your Kentucky
Derby party theme:

  • Did you know that it wasn't always up at the Downs? Most kids know that a
    horseshoe with the ends pointing up is good luck, but the first trophies for the
    Kentucky Derby had the horseshoes pointing down. It wasn't until 1999 when
    Churchill Downs officials changed the design so that the ends pointed up
    ensuring that the luck doesn't run out. Hand kids a real Horse shoe and ask
    them to hold it properly.

  • What's the traditional meal served at a Kentucky Derby party? A thick meaty stew
    that's called "Burgoo" made of beef, chicken and vegetables. Kids will much
    appreciate it if you serve hamburgers instead and call them "Burgoos." Or stick
    with Kentucky Fried chicken. Fact: Burgoo King won the Kentucky Derby in 1939.

  • What's the Triple Crown? Is it three crowns piled on top of each other? No silly!
    It's a horse who wins the Kentucky Derby, next the Preakness Stakes and finally
    the Belmont Stakes. The Kentucky Derby is the first leg of the Triple Crown. Now
    you have a leg up on the others.

  • Music facts for your Kentucky Derby party:
  1. The favored song of the Kentucky Derby is "My Old Kentucky Home" by
    Steven C. Foster, which describes a slice of life on a slave plantation from
    a sentimental perspective. The melancholy song is also on the Kentucky
    State Quarter as it is the State song of Kentucky.
  2. "Happy Birthday to You" was a song composed by two Louisville, Kentucky
    sisters in 1893 (Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill) who were Kindergarten
  3. Pop artist Dan Fogelberg composed “Run for the Roses.” Download it on
    an MP3 for just .99 cents.

Kentucky Derby Party Favors and Activities

  • Are there Kentucky Derby Quarters? Well, no, but you can search for Kentucky
    state quarters weeks in advance of the party to ensure you find a quarter for
    each party goer!

  • When it comes to favors, run for the roses. Look for items with roses, such as silk
    roses, soaps with rose scents as well as rose shaped pens, and lollipops.

  • Remember the boys! While the girls will have fun decorating dainty derby hats,
    the boys will have fun gluing tiny plastic objects and feathers to gangster-style
    hats. Here are some kids Kentucky Derby hats.

Want to learn more about the Kentucky Derby? Read Derby Day, right, by Pamela
Pease, a pop-up book in celebration of the Kentucky Derby. It's an excellent resource
for your party with kids to teach them about thoroughbred racing.

Real Kentucky Derby Parties

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