Plastic fedora - yellow
Kentucky Derby glitter hats
Kentucky Derby Dress up hat and cape
Child's pink feathered hats set of six
Child's purple feathered hat
Child's purple derby hat
Plastic Fedora white
Black Plastic Tophat
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How to have a horse racing party....
Kids Kentucky Derby Party Hats
Hats for your Kentucky Derby party from fancy to fun!

And they're on! Kentucky Derby Hats are on your head for any real Kentucky Derby
party. It wouldn't be a party without a festive hat for the ladies and gents, but along
with the festive and elegant varieties, hats at a Kentucky Derby party are often on
the outlandish side. And kids love wearing hats.

So let your guests choose a party hat for the party by providing lots of varieties of
plastic and straw hats. Then let them decorate with colorful feathers and pipe
cleaners, artificial flowers, bits of felt, yarn, sequins, gems beads, glitter, plastic
horses and other small party favors -- even wiggle eyes and foam balls. Kids might
even decorate their derby hat with horse racing tickets, right. Let their imaginations
run as fast as the Derby horses. And be sure to set out plenty of glitter glue and
Tacky Quick Dry Glue.

  • Get ideas for Kentucky Derby hats.

Boys Kentucky Derby hats:
While you can provide the more expensive straw pith hats, boys will be satisfied
with inexpensive plastic hats that they can decorate. Above you'll find an array of
plastic party hats, including: derby hats, top hats, fedoras and, of course, Jockey
  • Fedora: The yellow plastic fedora, above right, is a fun way for the guys at the
    party to feel the Kentucky Derby spirit. Add feathers to pimp the fedora.
  • Top hat: Plastic top hats are an easy find during New Years. You can also
    search party supplies online to find top hats or derby hats year round.
  • Derby hats from St. Patrick's Day. There are a plethora of green derby hats
    around St. Patrick's Day.
  • Jockey Helmets: The jockey helmets above are an obvious choice for a
    Kentucky Derby party or Triple Crown party. Buy extra plastic derby hats and
    use them to serve snacks and appetizers!

Girls Kentucky Derby hats
For girls Kentucky Derby hats, look for tea party hats. These are difficult to find
except online and we've assembled some of the best below. Look also for tea party
hats on eBay (and if you do be sure to get
cash back on your eBay purchase). Think
in advance and buy your Kentucky Derby hat around Easter when straw bonnets
decorated in flowers abound. Below you'll find some real hats kids could use for the
Kentucky Derby or your party:
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colorful plastic jockey helmets
Green plastic derby hat
Black Plastic Derby Hat
Child's straw flower hat
More fun with hats at your Kentucky Derby Party

  • Top hat balloon tie: The top hat balloon tie, left, is ideal for a Kentucky Derby
    party, but you can also use it again for a New Year's Eve party. While intended
    as a weight for balloons, use the balloon tie also to affix a menu or photo of the
    birthday kid on horse.

  • Mini plastic hats. Set out candies in the mini plastic derby hats or include them in
    the favor bags.

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Child's pink feathered hat
Child's pink derby hat
Child's hot pink feathered hat
Child's green feathered hat
Child's orange feathered hat
child's pith hat
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