Kentucky Derby Party
Kid's Kentucky Derby party cakes, menu, activities and favors

It's a long shot, but your Kentucky Derby party is an opportunity to teach kids about
horses and the history of the Kentucky Derby. is your ticket to an
extra horsey Kentucky Derby Party, and here's how to win big with kids:

  • Bet on the kids having a good time: Wagering is part of the fun and you can do it
    kid style with horse funny money. If you have a betting game, make sure that
    everyone is a winner, because kids may not understand, for example, that the
    "place" is only first and second (and not third place). Above, you'll find tickets
    bundled 75 -- you get 25 of each for win, place and show.

  • Tip your hat Kentucky Derby Style! It wouldn't be the Kentucky Derby without
    hats. Decorate your guests with Kentucky Derby racing hats above, right, to
    turn everyone into an instant jockey. We've also gather a fun set of inexpensive
    Derby hats in every imaginable style. Want the real thing? Then check out these
    real Kentucky Derby Hats to had extra fanfare to your celebration.

  • Sound off Kentucky Derby style: Get authentic "Sounds of the Kentucky Derby"
    with Angela Bartley, who has been a bugler at Churchill Downs and the
    Kentucky Derby Museum for more than 12 years. Filled with sounds like the "Call
    to the Post" and "They're Off," you'll want to have it on continual play at your
    party. Classic songs from Kentucky also include: "Run for the Roses," "My Old
    Kentucky Home," and "Dixie."

  • Trifecta Trivia: Entertain kids with fun facts about the Kentucky Derby.

  • Set up a Kentucky Derby Tea Party: The youngest kids at the party will enjoy your
    celebration with a Kentucky Derby tea party. Set out apple juice in tea pots.
    Borrow ideas from our tea party birthday pages.

Kentucky Derby Decorations

  • Set out a bucket of Chocolate roses: The kids will surely run for the chocolate
    roses. Stock up on the Valentines Day roses you'll find at the local party supply,
    so that when your Kentucky Derby party comes in May you're prepared.

  • Garland of roses: You'll find plastic roses affordable at the Dollar Tree stores.
    Make a rose garland for the entrance

Kentucky Derby Favors
To make everyone a winner have extra stickers, candy and derby beads on hand.
Here are some other favor ideas:

  • Mini Horse & jockey favors: Kentucky Derby favors are hard to come by for kids,
    but these colorful mini Horse and jockeys are a fun find (2.5" x 1.5" wide). Kids
    will want to collect one of each color. They're also a great find to decorate the
    tables, cake toppers or to use as place-card holders. You get a set of 12 For

  • Horse playing cards, like the ones pictured right by Schylling, make easy favors.

  • Snap candy in advance of your party during Valentines Day where you may find
    chocolate roses and rose-shaped lollipops.

Kentucky Derby Betting Games

To make your Kentucky Derby Party extra horsey for the kids, recruit a teen to be the
"cashier" and provide party goers with
Horse funny money or monopoly money for a
betting game. (Horseopoly or Horse Monopoly money is extra fun for the kids).

Next, set up a "betting window" and create other signs throughout your home, such
as  "Feedbag" For the snacks and "Watering Trough" For the beverage station. Get
creative with your signs: "Fillies" (girl's bathrooms), "Colts" (boys bathrooms),
"Owners Box" (parents room),"Jockey Club" (birthday child's room), "Grandstand"
(living room with Grand Parents present or porch leading out to the activities),
"Winners Circle" (dining room or kitchen table), and "Paddock" (garden).

Kids Kentucky Derby Betting game (No betting strategy needed):
  • Get the Kentucky Derby contenders Horse and trainer names on a paper and
    make several copies, one For each party goer. It's most fun For kids if you have
    pictures of the "silks" to help them pick the winners.
  • Make your "tickets" in advance of the party. Create a Win, Place, and Show
    ticket For each of 12 contenders (Horse and riders). You will have a total of 36
  • Give kids "funny money" bills to buy their tickets (or just give them the tickets).
    Divide tickets or bills evenly. For example, if you have a dozen kids, give each
    kid three tickets or bills.
  • Line the kids from shortest to tallest to "buy:" their tickets from the cashier.
    Each kid buys a ticket and goes to the back of the line until all the tickets are
    "purchased." If tickets don't divide evenly, let kids earn the balance of tickets
    with a Horse theme party game.
  • Watch the race, then award the prizes as follows:
  1. One prize to "win" (award only the party goer who has the "win" card of
    the appropriate contender). The prize should be something fun and
    special, For example award a bouquet of lollipop roses and a gold colored
    trophy filled with jellybeans or other candy.
  2. Two prizes to "place" (award the party goers who have the "place" cards
    For the two appropriate contenders in first and second place). A silver
    trophy with candy.
  3. Three prizes to "show" (award the party goers who have the "place"
    cards For the contenders in first, second and third place.) A Horse figurine
    or derby beads.

Activities for a kid's Kentucky Derby party:
The little fillies and colts at your party will have fun no matter what kind of Horse
theme activities and game ideas you choose. Even if they can't even pronounce
trifecta let alone understand it, you can help them "win, place or show" with these fun
ideas For your Kentucky Derby party:

  • Play Horse bingo. Teach the older kids some "Horse and saddle" vocabulary
    with the free trial of Bingo Card Creator. Or create your own bingo For the
    younger kids with your own pictures of derby related symbols and pictures of
    Horse tack (an apple, a carrot, a horse-shoe, a trophy, a garland of roses,
    saddle, hay stack, a sugar cube, a bag of oats, a bucket, a derby hat, a brush, a
    julep cup, etc.). You can also purchase some kid's bingo Horse games online.
    For around $14 you can find this Lucy Hammet's Horse Bingo.

  • More Kentucky Derby Activities:

What to serve kids at a horse racing party:

  • Cherry Perfecta drink: serve any cherry drink, Grenadine works well, and add a
    maraschino cherry on top!
  • Award winning treats: Serve ice cream or candies in a plastic trophy.

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