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Breyer Horse Party
Breyer Horse party birthday cakes, menu, activities, favors

The ultimate horse birthday party for a 'tween is a Breyer horse party. A Breyer model
horse show party is a fun way for your horse crazy kid to share her passion for
collecting, and it's the perfect sleepover party idea.

Get out your Breyer horses and show off your ribbons because it's off to the races
with these model horse show party ideas:

  • Get the party started with Breyer's Party Pack for six, pictured right. The
    Breyer Horse Fun Party Pack has everything you need to "room" (paint) a Breyer
    dream Horse. The party pack includes six quality unpainted "Paddock Pals®"
    horses. You get six paint sets each with six colors, plus six brushes, six sticker
    sheets, and a tablecloth game, postcards and invitations.

  • Now you're ready to hold a Breyer's Grooming contest. Have guests
    "groom a pony" (paint it) and then award trophies to the top groomers.
    Make everyone a winner.

  • Let them eat cake (with Breyers Natural Ice Cream of course). Any of the
    Breyer Mini Whinnies and accessories will do for cupcake toppers. They are light
    and small enough for the job and can double as favors. Just start with green
    frosting and a meadow flowers. See our horse birthday cake ideas for design
    ideas and recipes.

  • Sheet cake topper solution. The "Breyer Mini Whinnies Sunshine State
    Dressage Festival Play Set" is the perfect cake topper for a sheet cake
    and she'll have a cute keepsake toy.

  • Make a Breyer cupcake corral. Use the Melissa and Doug Wooden
    Stable (it comes in two sizes the smaller one is best for the Breyer Minnie
    Whinnies. Or, for a less expensive option, try the Breyer Wood Corral to
    you have to display cupcakes. An easy cupcake is a  Surround with plenty
    of Breyer horses for the finishing touch.

  • Have a Breyer slumber party. Watch Dreamer, the movie, or consider another
    Horse theme movie. Party-goers can bring their favorite Breyer Horse (or borrow
    one). The perfect gift for the Horse crazy girl is the pony slumber Party set by
    Breyer available on Amazon.

Other Breyer Horse Party ideas:

  • Provide a Breyer Horse name to each party-goer by printing a list of Horse
    names. Breyer Horse names include any for which Breyer has created a model
    Horse, including Black Beauty, Spirit, and in the movie Dreamer. Consult the
    Breyer Animal Collectors Guide, a 384 page reference book.

  • Have guests bring their own Breyer Horse to the party (or borrow one from
    the birthday girl), then set out to decorate with a garland of roses and pretty
    ribbons, or make cozy Horse blankets or saddles. Klutz has the perfect book for
    such an activity.

  • Combine your Breyer Horse party with a real Horse race (recorded or live).
    You can find recorded Horse races on Amazon.

  • Play a Breyer game. There are several games by Breyer to choose:

  • Breyer Horse Sense Game has more than 200 questions about riding,
    Horse breeds, Horse care to test your Horse sense. Ages 7 and up.

  • Breyer Horse Play includes a grey Stable mates Shire model. It's
    essentially a fast-paced card game of fun facts.

  • Make a favorable impression: Send each child home with a Breyer coloring
    book (easiest ordered online), or tear out individual pages and have a coloring
    contest. Make Breyer Horse chocolates and sweets using the special candy
    decorating kit either as a group activity or a plan ahead favor idea.

  • Set the tables: For a traditional Breyer Horse show, get out the silver trophies,
    and ribbons. Set a sophisticated table with crystal, linens and china and large
    bouquets of red roses. The centerpiece should be a favorite Breyer Horse with a
    ribbon. Visit our Kentucky Derby party pages for more inspiration.

Fun horse-theme links:

Real Breyer Horse Show Parties...

Now it's your turn. We'd love to exchange party ideas on Twitter. We link to quality
blogs, so if you've hosted a Breyer Horse Show party, we'd love to connect.
All about a Breyer horse party...
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