LEGO Horse Birthday
Horse theme party birthday cakes, food, games and favors

Thinking of having a LEGO Horse Party? Yes, you can combine two loves: horses and
LEGOs. We're loaded with ideas and inspiration, including ideas for Lego Horse
birthday cakes, snacks, food, games, activities, decorations and favors perfect for any
horse-crazy lego-loving kid. See also our
LEGO party ideas.

While it's a challenge, you'll find most of your Lego Horse party supplies online. That's
why the first thing to do in planning a Lego Birthday Party is to find out how to get
cash back shopping Lego.

For the LEGO Horse birthday cake, think Belville. The Lego Belville Horse show toy, top
right, can double as a cake topper. Or make th traditional
Lego Birthday Cake
(basically a rectangle with six upside-down cupcakes on top), and surround your cake
table with your favorite Lego Horse creations. Another idea is to cut fondant with the
Lego cookie cutter, right, available on Amazon. The Lego cookie cutter is a must have
for any Lego party to make sugar cookies.

You'll find a variety of unusual party supplies on Amazon no matter what type of Lego
party you'll create. Try the Lego Ice cube tray, Lego Cake mold, Lego Salt and Pepper
party shakers and even Lego storage containers. Even Lego Snack Packs, but you'll
need to buy 10 boxes on Amazon, so why not send each kid home with a pack!

How to create fun stuff For your Lego Birthday Party:

More tips for your LEGOparty:

  • Have a Lego Belville party!

  • The birthday girl will love Lego Belville Stable, pictured right, or the Lego
    Belville Scala Indie's Stable, pictured left. And it would be fun centerpiece
    for the party. Or have her build a stable from Lego blocks to display the
    Belville horses.

  • While you won't find any Lego Belville party plates, you can find red Lego
    napkins, pictured right, and pair them solid red or yellow plates to

  • As a party game, insert Lego bricks into a jar for a contest to see who can
    guess how many Legos are inside. Try also the Lego's candy bricks, below.

  • Here are some free and fun ideas from Lego Belville:

Fun with Food and LEGO
Here are some fun food ideas to accentuate a Lego Birthday.

  • LEGO Candy Building Blocks are a fun favor idea For older kids (who won't
    confuse the real thing with the candy treats). Stack them like Legos, then eat
    them.These yummy bricks come in seven tart flavors:

    Red (cherry)
    Yellow (banana)
    Blue (raspberry)
    White (Pineapple
    Purple (grape)
    Green (Lime)
    Orange (Orange)

  • LEGO food containers. Why not put some candy bricks into these adorable LEGO
    containers, available on  
  • LEGO Cookies and Cakes. Make your own LEGO candies and cakes with LEGO
    silicon molds, above left. You'll find plenty of LEGO horse figurines from Belville.
    Serve the birthday cake on a LEGO platter, right, which is actually a LEGO
    building block plate.

  • LEGO Ice Cubes. Freeze water with a little bit of food coloring in these fun Lego
    Ice Cube Trays, also available at Use LEGO Ice cube trays For Jello

Is a LEGO Horse Party too much of a challenge? Not if you set your mind to it. Visit again
soon as we build this Horse Theme Party. Share your party ideas on Twitter.
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