Saddle Club Birthday Party
Horse theme birthday cakes, food, games, favors and fun

Want a Saddle Club birthday for your daughter? Saddle up, this isn't going to be an
easy ride! Having a Saddle Club themed birthday is not easy in the United States, as it
seems only Aussies have
Saddle Club party stuff in their party supply arsenal, but
we're here to guide you with party ideas, games, cakes, and favors for the best Saddle
Club party this side of Pine Hollow.

If you're having a Saddle Club Slumber party, then The Saddle Club Horse Crazy Movie,
right, is the ideal entertainment.

Saddle Club DVDs
Lisa Atwood and her friends, Stevie and Carole, are known as The Saddle Club at Pine
Hollow Stables. This party theme is perfect as a
slumber party for a small party three
girls. Saddle up for a double feature with Saddle Club Collection DVD, which is around
ten dollars and comes highly rated (five stars). This re-cut DVD combines eight of the
series episodes into two feature length movies, which include "Horse Crazy" and "The
Mane Event." More Saddle Club DVD collections are above.

Another wonderful DVD option for the party is Saddle Club Horse Crazy. Just don't
expect it to be everything the like the book. The three friends, Carole, Lisa, and Stevie
help a movie star in this fun DVD.

Saddle Club Theme Music
A Saddle Club Birthday requires some musical inspiration, too! Start by loading your
MP3 with a download of "Fun for Everyone," pictured right. Want more music for your
party? Amazon has a variety of MP3 downloads to sample. Try "Saddle Club Greatest
Hits" to get the whole album, or sample "Hello World by The Saddle Club" (an MP3
Download for just 89-cents). These play on iPod® and all MP3 players.

Saddle Club gifts
Lisa arrived at Pine Hollow with no riding experience, but Stevie and Carole made her
feel welcome and helped her gain confidence on a horse named Patch. Later she
gained confidence and rode a school horse, Prancer, 4-year-old chestnut mare. Prancer
had a leg injury that ended her racing career. Breyer has captured Lisa's desire that
Prancer should become a champion show jumper. The lovely gift set would make an
ideal birthday gift for a Saddle Club birthday. If the birthday girl already has Lisa and
Prancer, try the Breyer Stevie and Belle gift set, or Breyer Carole and Starlight gift set.

At Pine Hollow Stables, riders learn the correct way to tack up a horse. The Breyer
Saddle Club Tacking Up Gift set is the perfect start.  The Saddle Club Comanche
Tacking Up Gift Set, pictured right, includes a Saddle Club classic horse, English saddle
and bridle, saddle pad, blanket, tack trunk, and fold-out booklet to learn more about
tacking up a horse.

Looking for The Saddle Club favor ideas?
Saddle Club favors are nearly impossible to find in your local stores, so you'll have to
shop online. Here are some ideas:
  • The Breyer's The Saddle Club 3-horse-set of Minnie Whinnies, pictured right and
    available on Amazon store, would also make great cupcake toppers or party
  • Saddle Club Beanies are another great party favor option.
  • Pair these petite horses with your favorite Saddle Club paperback book. There
    are a number of Saddle Club books, including

"The Saddle Club" stuff we found in the United States:

More gifts for the birthday girl in the Saddle Club:

  • Load an Ipod with Saddle Club. If she's horse crazy and a bit of a fashionista,
    she'll love the stylish "Apple iPod nano 8 GB Pink" paired with Saddle Club MP3
    downloads because a girl can love pink as much as she loves horses.

  • Breyer Saddle Club Horse - Toys - Delilah with ''Horse Crazy'' Book. (See also our
    Breyer Horse party ideas.) Even if she has the book, the Delilah model is a
    collector's must and any serious Saddle Club fan would appreciate it. And a
    Breyer Saddle Club horse, such as Starlight or Belle, is always sure to please as
    is the Breyer Starlight Plush.

  • The Saddle Club: Willowbrook Stables video game. (This product is discontinued
    from the manufacturer, but still available on Amazon). If you like this game or
    already have it, then buy Equestrian Challenge.

Real Saddle Club Parties
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Saddle Club Gift Ideas for the birthday girl
A Saddle Club Birthday party is the ideal party for your horse crazy kid. Search Amazon
for hard to find Breyer Saddle Club gift sets:
All about "The Saddle Club" parties...
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