Seahorse Party
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Whether you're entertaining by the sea or by the pool, a seahorse party is a unique
theme and lots of fun to create. For most of the under the sea theme you'll choose
seaweed greens and ocean blues, you should have a focal point like the bright and
cheery seahorse mylar balloon in sunset oranges and yellows, pictured, right. It's
double-sided, and sizeable at 35 inches. Just a few will do.

  • Here are more ways to set a scene for an underwater wonderland that's
    seahorse worthy:

  • Turn the tables to the sea. Lay a light green table cloth flat and layer it
    with scrunched blue tulle. Sprinkle seahorse confetti, seahorse charms,
    and small plastic seahorse toys. Safari makes several, pictured right and
    available in our Seahorse party store. Mix your tablesetting with green
    and blue paper plates and party cups, and serve blue party foods and

  • Blow up dozens of ocean blue and sea green latex balloons so that they
    float on your party sea floor. Guests will have fun kicking them about as
    they "swim" for appetizers and drinks. All you need is a pump and
    patience. The effect is well worth the effort. Note: latex balloons present
    a choking hazard as kids may suffocate on broken balloons or balloons
    they bite. Avoid the idea if you expect any guests under three. Discard
    broken balloons and supervise children, especially those under eight.

  • Streamers hanging from the ceiling are an obvious choice for a seaweed
    sanctuary. For added texture, buy a rolls of iridescent cellophane in blues
    and greens, unroll and cut into long strips and tape to the ceiling. Nets
    intended for balloon drops work better than fishing nets.

  • Get out the bubbly. Sure you can pour Champagne for the adults, but be
    sure to rent a bubble maker or buy one from Amazon.

  • Get to Ikea! Buy the popular Ikea hanging storage in bright green, lower
    left, as it provides a festive backdrop and is decoration that doubles as
    something useful after the party. Just $4.99 each, use them to tuck fishy
    toys for guests to discover.

  • Blow it up. Buy inflatable seahorses and hang them from the ceiling. Set a
    splashy scene with a seahorse play center, pictured left. This gift for the
    birthday kid doubles as a display at your party. Fill it with ice and use it as
    a prop for drinks, or place packages inside the rainbow as guests arrive.
    Even if you aren't having a pool party, the Seahorse bop bag for pool fun
    is just $3.99, pictured left. Another fun option for decoration and gift
    combo is the Seahorse Jumbo Rider, pictured right.

Hold your seahorses! Nobody said that organizing a seahorse party was going to be
so easy. You'll have to shop for seahorse party supply items online and we have some
fun suggestions:

Decorations and tableware

Favors tags and bags:

Invitations and thank you cards:

Activities for a seahorse pool party:

Real Sea horse and under the sea theme parties
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