Country & Western Party
Inspiration for a Western Party that's sure to raise the roof!

Yee-high! It's time go get out the bales of hay and bandannas! It's time for a kids
Country & Western party the city slicker party goers won't soon forget. You don't have
to rent a barn to have a down home good time, but you do need to get out your
cowboy hats.

Whether you're having a knee-slapping hoe down, a barn dance, you'll want to poke
around our party pages:

Western Party Decorations
The best equestrian Western style birthday parties come from the heart, and you can
create a "home on the range" at a park or the backyard using your imagination and
these decoration ideas:

  • Check this out: Checkered table cloths are must have for a Western theme, but
    to kick things up a notch add mini bales of hay and tie them with red gingham to
    match the tablecloth. Like a needle in a haystack, mini hay bale decorations are
    hard to find. The hay bale decoration you see above, is popular but might still be
    available. You might otherwise find mini bales of hay in the Fall at craft supply
    stores in various sizes.

  • Dress up the table with bandanna napkins: Bandanna's are an obvious choice for
    attire, but they make a crazy fun napkin for a Western party. Bundle mini horse
    on a jute string as a napkin ring holder to carry the horsey theme.

  • Western Party Supplies: While there are plenty of party plates with horses on
    them, you can give your party that down home feel with the Meri Meri Howdy
    Cowboy party ware. Left, you'll find party plates with a bandanna motif, inside is
    a checked pattern to match your table cloths. Above, you'll find paper western
    hats that will look great on the tables and the kids will love to wear them. Top
    right you'll find the cupcake kit to coordinate and complete your look.

  • String them along with lights. You'll light up the party with party lights:
  • Horse party lights, right, will look good after the party in your child's
    bedroom or around the Christmas tree for the holidays.
  • Chili Pepper lights: You'll find chili pepper party lights in our fiesta party
    ages. There you'll also find mini plastic sombreros (Mexican cowboy hats)
    pinatas and more. This party idea may inspire you to host a Mexican buffet
    to transport guests South of the border.

  • Create signs to direct "Fillies" and "Colts" to the bathrooms. Get creative with other
    signs too, such as "water trough" for a barnyard party to direct guests to the
    drinks, or put a sign on the birthday child's room that reads "paddock." For a
    cowboy party, choose "Livery Stables" and "Chuck Wagon."

  • Turn an old cowboy boot into a vase! Look for an old boot at a thrift shop, or use
    what you have and insert a real vase inside for the water or cut a plastic water
    bottle. Your guests will get a kick out of your creativity.

  • Cactus Decorations: You'll also find that inflatable cactus decorations are a fun
    addition to the party. See the cactus inflatable, lower left.  They fill lots of space
    and kids love to bop them around. You'll even find blow up cactus drink coolers.
    And while you're on the cactus theme, try the cactus pitchers for lemonade, or
    the cactus shot glasses for the adults. The shot glasses are ideally cute for kids
    when you stuff them with candies. If you have the ambition, paint a large cactus
    on cardboard and cut it out as a prop.

Round up extra horsey ideas for your party here:

  • Make it the best horse party "Barn-none." Paint horse shoe prints at the entrance
    of your party with a horse shoe stencil. (Crayola sidewalk paint ensures your
    masterpiece isn't permanent.) Next, draw attention to your handy work by
    sprinkling horse-themed confetti and glitter in your theme colors. More pony party
    decoration ideas...

  • Create horse shoe balloon weights. Sure, you can play a horse-shoe toss game
    (incidentally we suggest Schylling's rubber horse shoe game), but for an
    imaginative and festive touch any pony party, use real horse-shoes as balloon
    weights. For an extra measure of sparkle, spray paint horse-shoes in gold or
    silver or hot pink for a pink cowgirl party. Then glue glitter and gems.
    More horse party craft ideas...

  • Pony up and give the birthday kid a horse costume. The horse costume pictured
    lower right doubles as entertainment because all the little wranglers will want to
    take a "ride." After the party, they'll have fun horse'n around the playground.
    This sweet costume by Making Believe is also a huge hit at any rodeo, horse
    show or horse race. More pony party games...

  • Snub party-goers: turn them into horses. Create a snubbing post at the party
    entrance to register party-goers as horses. "Horses" can't leave the post until
    they select a horse name from a list you print. Create a guest book for this
    purpose where party goers "register" their horse names. Next, "brand" that
    horse with a name tag, a tattoo, or a rubber horse stamp. Look for metal
    Sheriff's badge name tags for your Western theme party. Or stick on Dressage
    letters for a horse show birthday theme. Then award your little bronco busters
    with an inflatable horse favor. Later, you can have an obstacle course where the
    little wrangler's "ride" their horse. Finally, incorporate the horse names into the
    thank-you cards.

  • Incorporate trophies and ribbons into your horse theme. Play horsey games and
    make everyone a winner. The rubber horse shoe set, right, is safe for kids. For
    prizes, fill mini trophies with colorful jelly beans and assorted confections. Use
    larger plastic trophies as a holder for ice cream cones to serve up the party fun.
    And award trophy derby beads.

  • Make a cattle call for music. Enhance the pony party food with a chuck wagon
    triangle for a Western party. Sound off a trumpet or bugle to announce party
    games for a Kentucky Derby bash. Consider a jaw harp, harmonica or a kazoo
    for a cowboy party. Explore music options for your MP3 player, such as Sounds of
    the Kentucky Derby, and My Old Kentucky Home. See Horse lyrics.

  • Create a stampede: use rubber stamps. Involve your child in stamping the pony
    party invitations and thank you cards. Melissa and Doug Rubber stamps, top
    right are inexpensive. You can also stamp labels for favors, drinks and
    individually wrapped candies and snacks to give a horsey touch. Your kids will
    love to help.

  • Looking for mini hay bale decorations?  

Menu ideas for a Western Party

  • Recipe for cactus coolers for the adults:
    2 parts cranberry juice
    2 parts pineapple juice
    1 part DeKuyper Cactus Juice Schnapps
    garnish with a wedge of lime

    NOTE: If you can't find the DeKuyper Cactus Schnapps, then try this recipe for
    cactus cooler made with Red Bull, Absolut Mandarin Vodka and Triple Sec.
    For the kids, choose Cactus Cooler soda. It's ready made and very yummy. Older
    kids may appreciate Red Bull mixed with Orange Juice.

  • You don't have to live in Wyoming or attend the University of Wyoming to
    appreciate the iconic bucking bronco. Impress party goers with this wonderful
    symbol as a brand for your steaks to give a special Western feel to the meal. It's
    available on Amazon.

  • Cowboy hats are a must at a Western party, but they are even more fun when
    you turn them upside-down and use them to serve up party snacks, like chips.
    Use an old hat and insert a bowl, or buy a plastic hat and serve up the fun. Small
    colorful hats are great for confections, like jelly beans, buttermints and licorice

Western Party Games:

  • Don't fiddle around with activity ideas for the little buckaroos. Check out our
    Western party games.

Real Western parties for kids

  • Check out our other Western party Ideas

Now it's your turn! We'd love to hear about your hoe-down. Write us on Twitter and
share party ideas. Visit our
Western Party Supplies Store.
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