How to Throw Carnival Horse Party
Carousel Horse party decor, food, favors, fun and games

Start with a stick horse or take her to a real carousel, and you're halfway there to
throwing a terrific carousel horse party. It's time to send in the ponies (and clowns)
and to eat snow cones, taffy, caramel apples,
cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream and
hot dogs with a memorable
carnival party. To make it extra horsey,

Here's how to have an old time Carousel Horse and Carnival Party:

  • Stick to it. Stick horses give the feel of a carousel. Have the kids do an old
    fashioned cake walk prancing around in a stick horse, which can double as a
    favor to take home. Round up the kids in their stick horses, turn on the carousel
    music and when the music stops award a small prize: like a carousel horse
    sticker or a cupcake. The winner takes the cake prize.

  • Give bright colors a whirl! Provide a vibrant color scape for your party decor.  
    Allow the kids to feast their eyes on bright and happy whirly pops or a lollipop
    tree with cherry, lemon, orange juicy lime lollipops ready to pluck. Sprinkle the
    table with gum drops in your party colors. Choose colorful plastic basket plates,
    available as a set in an array of colors. Make use of a happy color scheme in
    foods you serve too. Fondant on the carousel horse birthday cake, pictured
    above right, is a cheery mix of lime green, orange and yellow with just a bit of
    blue and red. Instead of ice cream for your cake, serve a bright orange sherbet
    to match the fondant.

  • Carousel Horse Ring. Make your own carousel ring by tying horse balloons,
    upper right to balloon weights or real horse shoes. Secure the balloon weights
    with tape or putty so the kiddos won't take off with the horses. If you're
    holding the party outdoors, you can secure them to the ground with tent
    stakes. Bring Carousel music to their ears. Download Carousel music to your
    MP3 player and have it as background noise. Try:
  • "Come To The Fair" Old Time Wurlitzer Carousel Music, Good Old USA
    Carousel Music Volume 1" by Wurlitzer Model 146-A Band
  • "Old Time Carousel Music" by The Wurlitzer Band Organ or
  • "Carousel Memories" by Replica Wurlitzer Band Organ and Verbeeck Band

  • Let them eat a cake. The classic carousel horse cake, that is! Get inspired by the
    Carousel Horse cakes others have created. Yes, you can make a memorable
    birthday cake using Wilton Carousel Horse cake separators, special cake pans
    and your imagination, upper right.

Carousel Party decoration ideas
If you're throwing the celebration at home, a few carousel inspired props will give the
feel of a carnival. And the props can double as gifts for the birthday girl or boy.

  • Set up a carousel candy table. Start with an old fashioned gumball machine, left.
    You might also set out apothecary jars filled with carousel confections. Carousel
    pops, for example, also left.

  • Give a carousel horse gift that doubles as decoration. The ultimate gift for the
    birthday girl is the heirloom quality carousel horse musical jewelry box, pictured
    left. Any carousel toys you display will bring the charm of yesteryear to your
    Carousel Horse Party.

  • Assemble a paper model carousel. "Cut and Assemble and Old Fashioned
    Carousel!"The paper carousel kit, right by A.G. Smith is a fun project and makes
    a fine centerpiece for your carousel horse party.

  • Be merry and amused with these merry-go-round ideas:

  • Be merry, go around! Consider these Carousel Party locations.

More Ideas for a Carnival Theme and Carousel Horse Party:
  • Send in the clown (or puppeteer or face painter) to twist horse-shaped carnival
  • Decorate in red and white with yellow and blue accents. Buy bunting, popcorn
    bags and circus tent cups at Oriental Trading (and get cash back from your
  • Serve food in nostalgic plastic hot dog trays (find them on eBay with a "red
    plastic basket" search).
  • Wrap your Carousel Horse favors in a popcorn bag, or use the popcorn bags for
    fun snack mixes. You can also serve colorful candies in ice-cream cones.
  • Hang a colorful canopy. You'll find circus canopies online and at Oriental Trading.
    Or turn Turn a patio canopy into a circus tent with some triangular flags you
    make from construction paper.
  • Tie a Horse figurine to pull a box of animal crackers (such as the Barnum
    Animals Cookie wagon box, pictured left). Use a pipe cleaner as the harness.
    Finding animal cracker boxes is not as easy as you might thing, so buy them
  • Trim the tables with an edible garland of life savers, Fruit Loops or candy

  • Don't horse around, buy what you need online now. Mylar balloons, like the
    carousel Horse, left, make excellent Party favors and double as decoration for
    your Party. They're hard to find locally, but you'll find them online in our
    Carousel Horse Party Supply store.
  • Make a favorable impression with your creativity. Carousel Horse favors are
    hard to find, so make your own: It's easy to affix a horse sticker or stencil
    cutout to a swirled candy stick, a pencil, or a straw. The Carousel Animals Cut &
    Use Stencils book by Celeste Plowden, availalble on Amazon, makes decoration

Carousel horse inspired foods to serve at the party

  • Bake carousel horse cookies or mold chocolates or candies into carousel horse
    shapes. Bake sugar cookies with a Copper Gifts Carousel Horse cookie cutter.
    Or find a horse shaped cookie cutter and bake with wooden sticks to make a
    cookie lollipop. Then frost the cookies and twirl a colorful ribbon on the stick.   

Carousel Horse favors:
  • Do yourself a favor, check out Dover Carousel books: Dover makes Carousel horse
    and animal sticker and activity books (about $1.50 each). Search "Dover
    Carousel animal" as well as "Dover Carousel Horse." See the stencils, too.

Carousel Decorations
  • Flag good deals online.
  • This garden Carousel Horse Garden Charm flag, which measures 23.5" x
    34", is just $5 while supplies last (it has a $30 value).
  • You may find vintage Carousel horse toys and great deals on eBay, such
    as the Wilton Carousel cake pan from 1990. Fisher price made some
    sweet merry go round toys in the 1970s that you may find.With a little
    creativity beyond your search for "carousel" items you can find "merry go
    round" or "carnival" items. Try also "circus." We found  carousel pencils,
    Sandy Lion Merry Go round stickers, custom invitations, and carousel
    Horse chocolates on eBay. Wilton made a carousel cake pan in 1990.
  • Make colorful Rice Krispie treats by substituting a portion of the cereal with
    Fruity Cocoa Pebbles.
  • Roll Wilton Rainbow Non Pariels  (candy sprinkles) onto carmel apples and
    sprinkle them generously to cookies and cupcakes.
  • Make edible table confetti from Necco Wafers.   
  • Any kind of fair food fits the carnival theme:

  • Carousel Horse Party Favors
  • Horse shaped Lollipops (make them yourself with candy molds available
    on Amazon or eBay.
  • Carnival masks
  • Carnival toys (e.g. Rubber ducks)
  • Rainbow swirl lollipops
  • Crazy loop straws
  • Mini Gum ball machines

  • Games and Activities:  
  • Create edible carnival bracelets by stringing round foods, such as
    LifeSavers, fruit-flavored cereals with holes, miniature cookies with holes,
    and gummy candies with holes.  

  • Get crafty! Oriental Trading Company has a Carousel Horse Craft kit that
    includes plastic gems, foam and wooden pieces to make twelve 7"
    carousel horses. It doubles as a favor. Be sure to get cash back at
    Oriental Trading.

  • Play pass the parcel in a merry go round fashion. Here's how to play
    the pass the parcel Party game. Find one unique small toy for each child
    and wrap it well (a popcorn bag is fun and adds to the theme). To play
    the game, have Party goers form a circle. Hand one package to each
    child. Remember, each prize should be different and have different
    shapes. Start the music. Children pass the packages around the circle
    until the music stops. Then everyone gets to open the bag they're
    holding and take home the unique trinket inside. Alternatively, have just
    a couple of bags floating in the circle and as each child "wins" he can
    leave the circle to give the other Party goers a chance to win too.

  • Create a carnival atmosphere with a floating duck pond using a blow up
    swimming pool and rubber duckies.

  • Provide some Venetian masquerade face masks and have the kids apply their
    own sequins, feathers and gems.

  • Buy a real Carousel Horse. The most affordable we've found are at e-

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