Pink Cowgirl Birthday
How to dress for a pink cowgirl themed party

Want to dress like a cowgirl? Planning to throw her a pink cowgirl party? Then you'll
need to learn how to dress like pink cowgirl for the party.

Here's how to dress the birthday girl for her pink cowgirl party:
Yee-high! It's time to cowgirl up! Make her the star of the party with a pretty pink
cowboy hat, above. Complete the ensemble with a pink cowgirl bandanna, a pink
sheriff's badge, pink boots, spurs and more.

The duds you choose for your pretty little pink cowgirl for her party is important, and
while you can buy her a cowgirl costume, you can also assemble the perfect outfit with
just a few accessories:

  • Pink cowgirl hat: A pink cowgirl hat for the birthday girl is important for the party.
    Popular options for the birthday girl include styles with sequins, pink frilly boas
    and stars. The flashing light tiara cowgirl hat, left, is a fun hat for the party too.
    Outfit your pink cowgirl in a hat worthy of a rodeo queen. Now mind you, it
    doesn't have to be a pure pink cowgirl hat, but it must have style. You can make
    your little rodeo queen the star of her party with the pretty pink sequin hat,

    If you provide cowgirl hats to the other party goers, be sure to make the
    birthday girl stand out. You can use sequins or feathers or give the birthday girl
    a flashing tiara cowgirl party. Whatever horse theme party you choose, you an
    get your pony party started with the right kids cowboy hat or pretty pink cowgirl
    hats above.

  • Pink cowgirl bandanna: Every pretty little pink cowgirl needs a bandanna
    accessory. Hint: they make great napkins too.

  • Pink cowgirl sheriff's badge. Finish whatever pink ensemble you have with a pink
    cowgirl sheriff's badge. The badge, pictured right, is as low as $1.49 each and
    also makes a great favor for the party. (The kids will love them!) And you may
    also find the matching pink spurs on Amazon.

  • Get some pretty pink duds.

  • Pink cowgirl boots: Your pretty little pink cowgirl deserves some boots for the
    party too, and the boots by Circo, lower left, are affordable and will be well
    loved long after the party is over. You can add pink spurs, too.
How to dress for a pink cowgirl party...
Pink cowgirl boot 1
Pink cowgirl boot with purple flower
Hot Pink Boot with Stars
High End Pink Cowgirl Boot Ariat
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