Horse Theme Craft Activities
Pony Party craft and activities for your horse-theme Party

Lots of pony parties offer a petting zoo. After feeding or petting the animals, it's time
to get crafty! To make your Party extra horsey and fun, involve your child in the party
planning with crafts. Bookmark this page and use the ideas for horse themed favors or
activities for your Party.

Here are some crafty ideas for your pony Party:

  • Shrinky Dinks. Kids love the magic of Shrinky Dinks and their is a horse jewelry
    making kit. Kids color plastic designs (the kit includes 25 designs, plus colored
    pencils and a hole punch). After an adult bakes and lets them cool, kids can craft
    their mini masterpieces into jewelry.

  • Horse around with making horse soaps and crayons. They are fun and colorful,
    but be sure to label your creations as little ones may want to eat them. Wrap
    them in cellophane bags and use your printer to create a label, such as: "Thanks
    for horsing around with me at my Party." Use Rubber stamps from Melissa and
    Doug for stamping labels to home-made favors.

  • Make your own stick horse! Stick around for these ideas:
  • Create an easy stick horse with a sock and broom stick.
  • Sew a stick horse using McCall's Crafts pattern 9669, which you may be able to
    find on eBay.

  • Shape up. Use a horse-shaped cookie cutter as a stencil for your invitations or
    thank you cards.  

  • The easiest activity is to provide Horse coloring pages. Older kids may like a
    connect-the-dots Horse coloring activity. And you can add to the horsey fun by
    providing roll-on glitter and tiny stickers (stars, hearts and rainbows). Put out
    crayons, pens and colored pencils to provide opportunity for different textures.
    Have a coloring contest.

  • Make horse jewelry. Create Horse shaped Shrinky Dinks and use a hole punch
    before baking (the hole will shrink after baking). Thread with thin ribbon.

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