Pony Party Games and Activities
Horse theme activities and games for your pony party

Party-goers will expect some horsing around at a horse and pony party, so  make
them feel instantly welcome with activity stations (or "stables"). Even if your party
involves pony rides, you'll need activities to keep the party flowing smoothly as not
everyone likes to ride. Party-goers will appreciate the fun of horsey bubbles, pony
masks, horse themed coloring pages, and horse-shaped jelly lollipops available on
Amazon. Here are some other fun activities for the pony party:

  • Throw rubber Horse shoes. The rubber Horse shoe set by Schylling, pictured
    above, is an updated version of the classic. It is kid safe and friendly because it's
    made of rubber. It's a popular game purchase.

  • Have feedbag race! Kids love the classic potato sack race and for a horse theme
    party, just call it a feedbag race. Potato sacks are hard to find, right.

  • Stick around and we'll show you a few horse tricks. Provide stick horses or a horse
    ride costume to allow kids who don't like to ride real horses to have some fun at
    the party. The hilarious ride a horse costume, lower right, will provide hours of
    play and will make a terrific Halloween costume as well.

  • Set up a grooming station. Ponies love grooming time, so let the girls get a fancy
    "pony" tail with ribbons, bows, and braids, or try Curly Whirlees available on
    Amazon with ribbon already affixed to the pony band. (The boys will be content
    with a bandanna.) Girls will also like Nagel fingernail art, also available on

  • Horse play: Younger kids will enjoy roll play, either as an "owner or in being a
    horse. Set up a "stable" area with inexpensive picket fencing or cardboard
    boxes. Have "owners" feed the horses apples or carrots. Also be sure to set up
    jumps on a grassy area with thin cardboard boxes.

  • Have a hilarious Horse race. Have party-goers hug an inflatable horse between
    their legs and "ride" an obstacle course you create. It's super funny. Ring a
    cowbell or a chuck wagon triangle to start the race if your party has a Western
    party theme, alternatively a bugle or trumpet For a Kentucky Derby party or
    English equestrian theme.

  • Brand that Horse! Have a tattoo station at the party entrance and  "brand"
    guests as they arrive. Then name them using our Horse names guide. Kids love
    rubber stamps too. The great thing about having tattoos handy for your party is
    that you don't need to hire a face painter.
  • Tattoo directions: Just place a few bowls of water and some fresh sponges
    on a table with some towels and post a sign with the instructions (see
    tattoo directions, right). Or place some rubber stamps.
  • Peel the plastic
  • Put tattoo face down on skin
  • Moisten tattoo with sponge
  • Wait 30 seconds
  • Lift corner SLOWLY to release paper backing
  • Tell your guests to remove with Scotch tape or Rubbing alcohol!

More games pony party:
It's all horseplay when you set your mind to these fun game ideas:

  • The Round Up: Use your child's own plush or plastic toys and "brand" them with
    numbers and assign corresponding prizes. Hide the toys in a hay stack, or
    throughout your party like an Easter Egg hunt. Let the little cowpokes know that
    the birthday child's ponies have escaped from the corral and you need their help
    in the round up. Watch the fun unfold as kids stampede for horses and
    exchange them for prizes corresponding to the brands.

  • Don't get bored, play a board game! Play Horse-opoly, a sort of horse-lovers
    Monopoly, which you'll find in our Horse lovers toy store. Or play Monopoly, the
    Horse lover's edition. There are a number of other horsey games, including
    Horse Sense.

  • Horse around with electronic games.
  • Wii can all have some fun! Play horse computer games. Wii can all have some fun
    with "My Horse & Me" Wii,  the game that brings home the equestrian lifestyle.
    Try also "Gallup & Ride" and "Family Jockey." See Wii games below.
  • Don't have a Wii? Try horse-games.org for some fun online games, everything
    from horse race betting to pony dress up.

  • Here are some fun awards for your pony party: The tasty chocolate gold coin
    medallion, right, is available in our Pony Party Supply store and will make your
    little equestrian feel like an Olympic champion. The Mardis Gras style bead
    necklace, left, is perfect for a Kentucky Derby party, just.98 cents each in our
    pony party supply store.

  • Become a farrier! For girls slumber parties, like a Breyer Horse theme party, or a
    pink cowgirl theme, choose a nail art activity. Each packet of Nagel Sticker Nail
    Art decoration d'ongles. These fun peel and stick horses come in five different
    styles and eight colors. Just place the sticker on each nail bed and apply clear
    nail polish. Visit eBay seller tacksessories to buy.

More ideas for your pony party
  • Watch a Horse movie or set it to continual play during the party.
  • Enjoy a recorded rodeo, Horse race or Horse show.
  • Play a Horse racing game on the computer.
  • Take turns on a Horse tire swing.
  • Set up a rocking Horse.
  • Create a Horse from a hay bale or a saw Horse.
  • Decorate bicycles For a bike "rodeo."
  • Decorate Breyer horses with ribbons, saddles, and bridles.
  • Paint Horse figurines.
  • Hire a "rodeo" clown to make Horse balloons.
  • Have stick Horse races.
  • Breyer Horse Fun Party Pack is everything you need for a party of six to design
    their own pony.
  • Sing some horse songs (check out the horse lyrics).
  • Play Horse themed computer games and games for your Wii:
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