Horse theme movies
Horse Theme Movies
Horse and pony movies for kids

Looking for classic horse-theme movie suggestions? Here are more movie ideas for
horse crazy kids at your slumber party:

  • Horse Crazy an adventure that will lasso your heart: Three horse crazy kids under
    eight sneak a ride to Nevada with aims to lasso up some wild mustangs and ride
    them home. Along the way, they overcome their fears and learn about honesty
    and teamwork.

  • Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron: Destined to be a classic, this remarkable tale is
    based on a true story. The masterful monologue of Matt Damon as Spirit, and
    the engaging and magestic music of Bryan Adams brings this intriguing tale to
    life. Your child will go wild about this young mustang who sets out on an action-
    packed quest against impossible odds to regain his freedom.

  • Horseland: the complete series: While the television series on CBS lasted only a
    short while, Horseland can play forever in your living room and in your heart.
    Episodes feature the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions,
    conquering fears, and having determination. Friendship always prevails! Your
    daughter might like it so much she'll want to have a Horseland party.

  • Saddle Club: Based on an ABC television series, The Saddle Club  follows the
    adventures of the young girls of Pine Hollows. Between school, riding, boys, and
    typical adolescent drama, the girls of the ranch are never bored. They're in for
    excitement when Skye Ransom, a young teenage heartthrob, comes to the farm
    to shoot a film. While most of the girls pine away over Skye, Kristi and Megan
    have their eyes on a bigger prize: a real live grown cowboy.

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