Horse Theme Party Ideas
Pony party theme ideas

Horsing around with the idea of a pony party? Make your theme party the "mane"
event by having a theme within a Horse theme. You can show loads of personal
style and make your theme party extra horsey with these  Horse theme inspirations:

  • A barnyard Horse party may include a petting zoo. It's easy to extend your
    Horse theme to barnyard dogs, cows, piggies, chicks, and sheep For a
    baaaaash you won't soon forget. The theme inspires line dancing or a barn

  • A Breyer Horse Show is a fun slumber party idea. Have the girls decorate
    model horses with show ribbons and flowers or make saddles and bridles.
    Breyer has a party kit for painting horses and a candy making kit as well to
    make this theme party ultra easy.

  • A Carousel horse party adds a carnival atmosphere that's as sweet as cotton
    candy. A merry-go round may be easier to find in your area than a pony ride
    location. Fair food, clowns and carnival games complete the theme. Think
    confetti sprinkles in your party snacks.

  • A fairytale horse princess party creates opportunity for medieval princesses
    and valiant knights to have an adventure. See our fairy tale horse party
    starter kit. We may also have a knight party kit with dragons.

  • A Horseland party or Saddle Club party is perfect for a slumber party.
    (Coming soon.) See our selection of horse-theme movies.

  • Kentucky Derby party adds an element of elegance and fun. Have a tea
    party or create virgin mint juleps. Make crazy sunglasses and hats. Bet with
    funny money.

  • Pink Cowgirl party will have your little rodeo queens hooting and hollering for
    pretty ponies and pink sweets.

  • A Cowboy Party with a wild West theme provides opportunity for a law
    dodging cowboys and cowgirls, and Indian braves and squaws.

  • Unicorn party adds the element of fairyland. Why not add Pegasus to the
    party mix for a magical birthday she'll never forget?

  • A seahorse party extends the party to oceanside affair. Have the party at the

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