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Sweet ideas for kids party food for pony parties

Sugar up! Every kid deserves some sweet attention for a birthday party and we
have some sweet surprises for your party or play date that's sure to send them to
Candy Land:

  • Make Martha's Pink Marshmallows. You'll be in the pink with this Marshmallow
    recipe from Martha Stewart, which is yummy for a pink pirate party, a pink
    cowgirl party, or a princess party. And your little Pinkie Pie is sure to love it for
    her My Little Pony Party.

  • Create Candy Kabobs for the cowpokes: Your little wranglers  won't mind if you
    skip the campfire when you unwrap the yummy marshmallow pops from
    Koko's, pictured right. You may find them in a novelty candy store.

  • Conjure up colorful kabobs. Wilton lollipop sticks add to the magic of colorful
    candy Kabobs. Spear some gum drops, gummy candies, colorful
    marshmallows, lifesavers. Try gummy bugs on a stick for a bug party. Make
    them yourself or buy Fear Factor Gummy Bug Skewers.

  • Lasso up for licorice lariats and lead ropes. Yee-high! Tie some licorice rope or a
    licorice lace to a sturdy steed to look like a lead rope for your model horse.
    Coil some licorice around a toy cowboy. Try rainbow laces, too.

  • Sweeten the Swag. Unwrap the magic when you create party necklaces,
    bracelets and garlands from candies that you staple together into chains. Salt
    water taffy is ideal as it's colorful and wrapped in wax paper and assorted
    Salt Water Taffy from the New England Confectionery Company, right, is a
    sweet choice.

  • Freeze it! Surprise the kids with something yummy for their tummy by freezing
    gummy candies. This idea is not for kids under 3 as this is a choking hazard,
    but the older kids will certainly get a kick out of the fun concoctions you create:

  • Something cool for the pool party: pull out the ice cube tray and plop in some
    Swedish fish, then fill with water you've dyed with a few drops of blue food
    coloring, and freeze the tray. Serve your iced confection with lemonade. As
    the ice cubes melt, the food coloring changes the lemonade to an ocean
    green. Jelly Belly makes a yummy assortment, pictured left, or choose the
    classic. Talk your party on a tour of the Jelly Belly Factory if you live in the San
    Francisco Bay Area or just check out their free birthday ideas.

  • Kiss the frog: Freeze Gummy Frogs in an ice cube tray for a princess party.
    Frog candies are hard to find, but the five pound bag from Haribo should keep
    the kids "hoppy."

  • Bug out for a bug party: Use gummy worms to fill tall Popsicle molds. Freeze
    with a stick and the same "bug juice" you plan on serving guests. Use the
    Popsicles as stirrers.

  • Concoct a Candy Critter. Straight from Candy Land, the book, right, you can
    create a lifesaver centipede and 52 other candy creatures. It provides hours
    of inspiration for play date activities.

  • Think pink. Sweets are easy for a princess party, just think pink. And you can
    add yummy pink candy to a pink cowgirl party with cotton candy, pink coated
    chocolate candies (Breast Cancer Awareness M&Ms), raspberry sherbet or
    sorbet, strawberry milkshakes or ice cream, strawberry angel food cake, and
    pink lemonade.

  • Orange you glad? Horses love carrots and kids love jelly beans. Here's how to
    create Jelly Bean Carrots favors for your pony party from orange jelly beans.

  • Fly high with this Candy Airplane craft idea. The Wright brothers never had it
    so good.

  • Chew on this: you can make home made chewing gum with a Chewing Gum Kit.

  • That's a wrap. Get free candy wrapper software to customize candy for your
    party. It may inspire you to start a business.

  • Be square! Fancy this: you can have fun with fancy decorated sugar cubes. Get
    out your long gloves and check out these decorated sugar cubes for a tea
    party or a princess party. They are also fun for a pony party (because horses
    love sugar cubes).
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