Pink Party Food
Menu ideas for a Pink Cowgirl Party, a Pink Pirate Party, a
Pink Poodle Party or a Pink Princess or Pony Party for kids

When you think pink for kids party foods, pink cotton candy comes to mind, as does
strawberry ice-cream and pink frosted cupcakes. Sure, you can get creative by
introducing new foods, but get real for your little pinkie pie and her guests, because
kids aren't going to like anything with beets in them. And don't try to mess with the
pink peppercorns either. You can have a kid friendly feast without the fuss, yet all the
pink fanfare she deserves! From savory selections to sweet treats and confections,
we have pink party foods to satisfy your picky little eaters, along with a few ideas for
the adults.

Ideas and resources that will have you thinking pink:

  • Start with some essential pink food makers, like Wilton's candy melts, which
    you can use to dip pretzels, mold candies, coat cookies, and more. Glaze
    popcorn with cherry glaze pink popcorn flavoring. Try also pink color mist food
    color spray also by Wilton, sanding sugars, edible glitter, pink fortune cookies,
    gourmet pink icing, even pink Himalayan salts. Find these items in our Pink
    Party Foods Store.

  • You're sure to be in the pink with Barbara Beery's "Pink Ponies Cookbook,"
    pictured right. Yet to be released, you can pre-order now. Family Fun has a
    classic pink pony cake with easy instructions.

    Skewer them uncooked

  • Treat your little rodeo queen like royalty with pink drink rimmers (Triple
    Berry Cocktail Sugar is an excellent choice as is Stirrings Pomegranate rimmer).
    While intended for adult beverages, these sugars add a magical sparkle to kids
    beverages. Rim a fancy glass with a wedge of lime, dip, then serve pink

  • Make a magical drink concoction. Fill ice cube trays with water, then add a
    drop of food coloring. As the ice cubes melt, the food coloring changes ordinary
    lemonade into a pink potion effect.

  • Pink bagel and cream cheese ideas: Make pink bagels by adding a few drops
    of red food coloring to your home made bagel recipe. Serve strawberry bagels
    with cream cheese that has a hint of food red coloring to make it pink. Or make
    strawberry cream cheese spread to top plain bagels or apple ring slices. Adults
    may appreciate a cream cheese lox spread onto a bagel.

  • Pink deviled eggs (make your favorite deviled eggs recipe, but before filling the
    eggs, soak the white egg halves into the juice of a can of beets for a minute).
    The beet juice leaves a pretty color without the taste of beets. Alternatively,
    place the white egg halves in water mixed with food coloring or keep the eggs
    white, but color the filling.

Pink candies and sweet treats:
  • pink coated chocolate candies (Breast Cancer Awareness M&Ms)
  • pink Jordan almonds
  • pink rock candy sticks
  • Pink sprinkles (pig, bear, hearts), available on Amazon  Pink desserts:
    raspberry sherbet or sorbet
  • ice cream with pink colored ice-cream cones
  • strawberry angel food cake
  • Hostess Pink Snowballs are hard to find (unless you're near the Hostess Bakery
    Outlet in Santa Clara, CA), but you can make your own pink snowballs (see also
    Hostess Snowball Recipes).
  • Scott's Cakes Homemade Pink Icing 1 Pound, just $4.95
  • Pink Lemonade Cheesecake
  • Pinkie Pie

Pink drinks
  • pink vitamin water
  • strawberry lemonade or pink lemonade
  • strawberry milkshakes
  • Italian syrups and grenadine

Pink Cupcake Ideas

  • How to make pink frosted chocolate cupcakes with pink filling. Bake
    chocolate cupcakes. Let them stand to cool (at least a half hour). Add a few
    drops of red food coloring to your favorite white frosting and blend until you get
    the desired color of pink. Then, carefully fill each chocolate cupcake center with
    about two tablespoons of your pink frosting creation using a pastry bag with
    tip. Do this carefully so as not to split the cupcakes apart. Then frost the
    cupcake tops. You'll have a delectable cupcake with a surprise filling that's sure
    to impress party-goers.

  • How to make pink coconut snowball topping: Place sweetened coconut
    shreds into a bowl, add a hint of food red color paste (thicker than the liquid
    stuff) to reach the color you want. Place in a plastic bag to mix, shake and

Pink appetizers and meal suggestions for the adults:
  • Scarpetta's Pink Pesto, available on Amazon in a four pack, right
  • Pink meats: ham, cocktail shrimp, or salmon.
  • Tortellini Skewered and rolled in Raspberry vinaigrette.
  • Fettuccine Alfredo tinted with beet juice or food coloring.
  • Salmon mouse or simple cream cheese lox mixture.
  • Tyrokavteri - Roasted Peppers and Feta Cheese dip, served with pita bread.
    Make the dip pink by blending peppers in a food processor, instead of mixing
    them diced into the dip.
  • Garnish with radishes.
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