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Horse-theme birthday cake and ice cream ideas

A recipe for fun at your pony party starts when you plan the birthday cake to match
your theme. Check out our horsey cupcake ideas, too. Horses love carrots, but not
everyone loves carrot cakes. Whatever your flavor, here are some ideas to make your
horse-theme party go off without a hitch:

  • Start with the proper cake tools. The Wilton 50-piece Tool and Caddy decorating
    set, available on Amazon, is for a mom who loves to bake cakes and cookies, but
    who doesn't plan on becoming a Wedding Cake professional. The roomy caddy
    keeps organized, and has everything you need to start decorating cakes. The kit
    saves you money.

  • Save time serving ice cream. While a dollop of ice cream is the perfect
    accompaniment to your cake, you may miss smiles and excitement in the
    scramble to scoop for your impatient little party goers. Minimize the chore and
    gain precious moments by scooping ice cream into short plastic cups ahead of
    time and keeping them in the freezer.

  • Hey, cookie, here's an idea: try horse shaped cookie cake toppers. Iced cookies
    make festive cake decorations, as do chocolates and other molded candies.Your
    cake designs and cookies will look even sweeter with Dragees (shiny, metallic-
    colored balls). They add an elegant touch. Don't horse around with sugar
    cookies: use our easy big batch sugar cookie recipe, instead.

  • Put that Horse out to pasture! An easy pony birthday party cake idea is to put
    some Horse figurines on a meadow of grass.  Breyer Mini Whinnies make a good
    choice. Search "Safari Horses and Ponies Mega Toob" on Amazon. For a Cowboy
    birthday cake, choose "Wild West Toob" to decorate a whole cake.Coconut
    grass is a fun way to display a Horse figurine on a cupcake or cake accented
    with a few candy flowers.

How to decorate a Pony Cake
  • How to make coconut grass: Place sweetened coconut shreds into a bowl, add a
    hint of food green color and mix by hand until you reach the desired color. The
    expert trick is to use food color paste, which is thicker than the liquid form. We
    also suggest you use disposable plastics glove to protect hands, or contain the
    mess in a plastic bag to mix, shake and knead.

  • How to make green butter cream: Butter cream for your cake or cupcakes is easy.
    Just mix the following in a blender at starting at a slow speed and increasing the
    speed until light and fluffy.
    * 1 cup softened butter
    * 4-1/2 cups powdered sugar
    * 2 teaspoons hot water
    * few drops green food dye
    * few drops flavor with vanilla, or other drops such as lemon

  • How to make candy flowers: Take gumdrop style sugar coated candy (e.g,
    Brachs), and flatten the pretty pink, purple or yellow or orange ones with a
    rolling pin, then roll them into rose buds. Accent with leaves cut from flattened
    green candies. Place gum candied flowers on the bed of coconut grass and place
    some Horse figurines.

  • The horseshoe cake pan from Wilton helps you make a super easy cake. The
    great thing about the pan is that after you've baked the cakes you can use it as
    a tray for a snack mix.

  • For a barnyard or cowboy party, see what's online at CowDepo.com They have a
    tin of adorable cow sprinkles for the ice cream or cake that would make any
    cowboy or cowgirl happy. Here are more ideas

How to set up the cake table for your pony party
Your cake can double as decor if your party is indoors and the temperature is right. You
worked hard to pick the right cake, so set up a table much the way a wedding cake is
on display. For a Wild West themed cowboy party, drape Hessian cloth (burlap sack
material) and make a display of Horse figurines tied with licorice ropes. Use jute string
to tie the corners for an outdoor affair or just staple to the picnic tables to keep the
wind from picking up. Include sheriff badges affixed to the cloth, use tin plates or wrap
plates in tin foil, stack gold nuggets with small cowboy figures standing guard.

Horse theme-cake recipe links:

  • Cowboy up and have a kicking good time making a cowboy boot cake. Here's the
    easy Cowboy Boot Cake Recipe. This cake has a printable template to cut a boot
    shape, so you don't need a special cake pan.

  • A triple crown party deserves a colorful triple layer cake. You can modify this one
    intended for a baby shower. Horse and jockey cake toppers are hard to find, try
    fancyflours.com for the horse and rider, left.

  • For a Derby style party: Who says you have to have cake for a Kentucky Derby
    Party? Try Kentucky Derby Pie in lieu of a birthday cake.
Kentucky Derby Birthday Girl
Pony party birthday idea
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