Birthday Cakes: Carousel Horse Cake
Carousel horse cake birthday cake ideas

The carousel horse is a whimsical reminder of yesteryear and of childhood. As a
birthday cake, it is a classic theme. Whether your child loves animals, carnivals, the
circus, horses or the zoo, we have ideas to make the carousel cake for your party
extra special. Be sure to visit our pages on how to have a Carousel Horse Party, too.

How to make a Carousel Horse Cake
Yes, you can make a professional looking carousel horse cake from your own kitchen
that's sure to impress party-goers. Here is the recipe for success to make a magical
merry-go-round cake for your little one:

  • Order the supplies, like Wilton Carousel Horse Cake separators, early. This
    adorable dowel set, pictured right, is hard to find and makes it super easy to
    create your carousel cake. The cute carousel horse dowels support the cake
    tiers. But if you can't order one in time for party, we have ideas to create pillars
    with candy sticks and lollipop sticks, and we have ideas for fondant and
    canopies, so read on!

  • Start with a yummy cake recipe, but make sure it's a firm cake. To make a tiered
    cake, you need a firm cake to support the weight of the dowels. Look for Dr.
    Oetker Organic cake mixes because they are free from hydrogenated oils. Add
    sour cream or pudding to a box cake mix for a moist, rich cake that will taste
    more like home-made. Another secret is to add mayonnaise to the cake mix.
    Epicurious has a recipe for a firm White Chocolate and Lemon firm cake if you
    have a large party and some cake making experience under your belt. It makes
    50 servings.

    Cake mix tips:
  • Grease your pans before you start mixing. You don't want the volume of
    the cake to sit while
  • Use large eggs to help your cake rise properly in standard box mix. Egg
    whites are a rising agent, if the eggs used are too small it may be
    insufficient in the recipe mix to rise.
  • Don't over stir or tunnels in your cake may result in your cake.
  • Avoid higher oven temperature or your cake may tunnel as well.
  • Watch that the oven temperature isn't too low or your cake may not rise

  • Get lazy with a Lazy Susan! A Lazy Susan cake stand will help you frost your
    cake, but it is also a nice way to display your carousel cake because it spins. Try
    the Wilton "Trim n Turn Ultra Cake Stand."

  • Pan Internet for the right cake pans. Wilton has several vintage Carousel cake
    pans you may be able to find on Amazon or eBay to create a single layer cake.
    Otherwise, you'll likely need round cake pans in two sizes, but you may as well
    get the popular pans from Wilton that come in three sizes so you have them.

  • Fondant: Okay, you don't need fondant, but the presentation of your cake will
    look that much more professional when combined with the carousel horse
    separators. Fondant is sturdy enough to support the carousel separators, but
    again, you still need a firm cake.

  • Idea for to make a carousel cake canopy: Bake in a Pyrex glass bowl. If you
    bake with glass, please take care to read the Pyrex glassware safety.

  • Decorations: Try the Wilton non-pariels (colorful decoration sprinkles).

  • Inspiration: Get inspired by browsing the bottom of this guide for inspiration to
    create your own Carousel Horse cake, and look to guides of the past. The 1983
    Wilton Yearbook Cake Decorating guide, available eBay and even Amazon
    features the classic cake idea. Please also see our pages on how to have a
    carousel horse party.

In the end, if you've created a masterpiece that's less than perfect, don't apologize to
your party goers. Chances are they won't even notice the imperfections.
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