Pony Party Menu
Serve up the party food, snacks and fun with your imagination.

Food helps set the scene and enhance your party theme. So serve up the fun for your
hungry little ranch hands. Horse around with our menu ideas, including
birthday cakes, sweet and savory saddle snacks, and knee-slapping cowboy party
food served up kid style. We have ideas for a more elegant equestrian affair and fare
for the adults too. And be sure to see our
party snack mix ideas that everyone can

One way to add to your horsey theme is to wear an apron or use oven mitts with a
horsey theme. Party goers will notice that fun is on your menu. Search Amazon for the
whimsical  set right, "Annie Hill Collection Horse Oven Mitt Potholder set." You can also
add fun to the menu with a cowboy dinner bell (chuck wagon triangle) or a steak
branding iron from Amazon.

Here are some menu ideas for your chuck wagon:

  • BBQ: Having a barbecue is an obvious choice for any Western style party. For
    an extra measure of horsey fun, the kids will love their hamburgers marked with
    a "Cowboy Hat Steak branding iron" and served with little piles of "hay"
    (shoestring potatoes).

  • Cookie cutter sandwiches: Your party doesn't have to be cookie cutter. You can
    add a creativity to your party with cookie cutters for your child's favorite
    sandwiches. You'll find a variety horse shapes and horse-shoes, cowboy hats
    and boots, cacti, and sheriff's badges stars on eBay or Amazon. Note that
    horseshoe-shaped cookie cutters aren't very practical as your cookies will break
    easily if your dough isn't thick enough. You can always ice the cookies for the
    horse shoe design or buy gourmet cookies on Amazon.

  • Horseshoe-shaped biscuits: (serve with fried chicken and corn on the cob). Use
    your favorite biscuit recipe to make the dough, then cut into horse shoe or other
    horse theme shapes using a cookie cutter. Or bake biscuits on a stick on an
    open flame, cowboy style.

  • Wagon Wheel pasta salad: Try your favorite pasta dish with wagon wheel
    shaped pasta. Wagon Wheel pasta may be hard to find, but you can buy it in
    bulk (12-pack) on Amazon.

  • Have a weenie roast: Turn lunch into an activity by having party-goers prepare
    their own hot dogs on a stick, cowboy style. Hot dogs and baked beans are the
    staple of any true cowboy, but make sure to use cowboy vernacular and call
    them "little doggies." You can also bake biscuits by wrapping the dough around
    the stick and cooking them in the fire.

  • S'mores without the fire: For a quick treat minus the outdoor heat, place a
    graham cracker square on a plate with a marshmallow and a slice of chocolate
    then microwave it for 15-20 seconds. Top with a graham square to make the
    traditional S'mores sandwich without the hassle of a real campfire. For
    decorations, you can make an artificial campfire, like the one used for boy scout
    ceremonies, right.

  • Gorp (Good Old Raisins and Peanuts): Before the stampede at the chuck
    wagon, serve up the party snack mix. We have the recipe for gorp and other
    saddle snacks for your hungry posse.

  • Appetizers for hungry cowpokes: Sure you can serve up some Beef Jerkey or
    Trail party mix, but appetizers

  • A sweet idea to serve ice cream: You'll find plastic trophies make a fun base to
    serve an ice-cream cone.

  • Drinks to wash down the trail dust: Roy Rogers, Sarsaparilla or cream soda,
    Root beer, Cactus Cooler, or make your own Cactus Cooler (mix a carbonated
    lime drink with lime Sherbert).
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