Pony Party Decor
Throw a pony party with extra horsey party decor

Looking for Pony Party Decoration ideas? The usual pony party decoration ideas,
include bandannas and
cowboy hats, but these ideas won't fare well for an equestrian
theme. And if your party has a fantasy element, like a pink pony theme, then you're
out of luck with the traditional party ideas. No worries! We're your guide to pony
parties for kids, including  cake, food, games, favors and decorations no matter what
kind of a horse party you're throwing. Get started with these quick ideas:

  • Horses decorations for parties:
  • Above the horse cutouts could make a simple decoration for the walls, but try
    them instead as place mats for the feast. Choose clear glass plates so the kids
    can enjoy the designs. Look to the Dollar Tree stores for glass party ware. It's
    just better for the environment.
  • Another way to use horses and decorations for the parties is to cluster your
    child's favorite model horses as a centerpiece for all the kids to admire. If one

  • Spread the party floor with hay to get that instant barn dance feeling (or make it
    look like you're having a party in the paddock).

  • Use an upturned derby hat or a cowboy hat (depending on your theme) for
    serving chips or other appetizers.

  • Insert a clear vase into a cowboy boot for the flowers.

  • Buy ribbons and trophies to give your party that Horse Show feel.

Here are some more unusual ways to decorate no matter what the party:

  • Get tacky: Real horse tack may be available to rent or borrow. Ask around. Your
    feed store may have items for you to rent or borrow. You can also search online
    with Craigslist to see if someone is departing with some horse equipment.
    Remember, you can always buy the items for your party and resell them after
    your event.

  • Decorate the party space with inflatable toys: Inflatables are instant decor for your
    party and they double as a decoration and a favor. You can inflate the fun with
    the adorable pink pony decoration, right, available only online. You can branch
    out to other kinds of inflatables when think in term of  your party theme, such as
    inflatable cactus for a Western theme, or other barnyard animals for a barnyard
    horse theme. You might also think in terms of a bounce house inflatable.

  • Horse Balloons: An easy decoration solution, balloons also double as favors.
    Mylar balloons in the shape of horses are available online (and rarely at the local
    party supply). Order the shapes online, then head to your dollar store or grocery
    store to get them inflated inexpensively. Tie them to real horse shoes!

  • Kentucky Derby Party supplies: For an equestrian themed party, look to the Triple
    Crown and Kentucky Derby Party supplies. While supplies may be limited in April
    for the May 1 Kentucky Derby season, you can find supplies year long when you
    shop online. Look for mini jockey hats and centerpieces, along with Kentucky
    Derby betting materials. You can also create your own kids Kentucky Derby party
    with what you may have at home. Kentucky Derby Party decor is sophisticated
    and might include: tea service, fancy hats, and roses. You an get more serious
    with Kentucky Derby party decorations, such as mint julep cups. Fill them with
    mint chip milkshakes instead of the traditional mint juleps.  See our Kentucky
    Derby Party supplies store by clicking the link in the lower left hand side of the
    purple bar below.

We hope these ideas help you complete your pony party decor! Were always looking
for suggestions, so please drop us a note with your horse theme decoration ideas.
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