Pony parties
Pony Parties
What to expect when renting ponies for parties

SEARCHING TO RENT A PONY? Here's where to rent a pony and find ideal locations for
pony parties, including petting zoos, and pony rides will help you give your child a
pony party she'll never forget:
pony party locations.

Pony parties and what to expect when you rent a pony

Many pony party locations teach English riding, but have pony parties with Western
saddles, which are actually more comfortable for the horse and rider. A Western
saddle has a horn and this makes an easy grip for the kiddies. A pony is a small
horse, making it an ideal choice for pony rides. While Shetland ponies are popular
with children's pony rides, there are many different breeds of ponies and your pony
party venue may have several different breeds available to ride.

Here are some tips for hiring the right ride for your pony party:
  • An essential part of a pony party is the ride, but don't overlook venues for
    your pony parties with extras like petting zoos, train rides, merry go rounds,
    or a playground.
  • Book early or someone may snag your party date, usually 2-3 months in
  • Ensure you and your guests reads the contract or release forms.
  • Check with your insurance provider to understand the limits of liability of your
    policy in the unfortunate event that someone suffers an injury at the party.
  • Tips are always appreciated by your hired help, though not necessary.

Things to remember at your pony party:
  • Ensure that all guests wear sturdy shoes and jeans. No open toe shoes as
    the ponies accidentally may step on little tootsies! State this clearly on the
    invitation, then follow up with a phone call to ensure they follow the
  • Have kids bring their bicycle helmets and insist they wear them for the ride.
  • Be sure to have an activity for guests who don't want to ride the ponies, such
    as bubble blowing (pony shaped bottles); a stamping, sticker or coloring
    activity; or rubber horse shoe tossing, right.
  • Remember to snap pictures of your riders to send along with the thank you
    cards, and of course video will enhance your memories of the best ever pony
    party: yours!

We hope you find this information helpful in planning pony parties and how to hire a
pony. Search above to find pony party locations near you. You'll be surprised how
many pony party rides you'll find in your neighborhood. Renting a pony is the easy
part, selecting from all the fun party supplies, is not so easy. Search our guide for
pony party supplies.
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