Pony Party Locations
Locations for your Pony Party,
including stables, ranches and
petting zoos
Locations for your Pony Party
Our guide to stables, ranches, and petting zoos in your area

Where can you rent a pony for a birthday party? Start with looking at
to find locations anywhere in the U.S.A. You'll find all the
information you need for pony rides, petting zoos, carriage rides, riding
stables, public farms. Or find a horse stable, ranch or carousel to host your
pony party using our pony party locations directory.

Pony Party Location tip: You can save money on your pony party by
having the guests come to the ranch. Having a pony party at a ranch, horse
stable or petting zoo costs around $175-$295 in California. But this can
actually be an economical option when you consider that many parks charge
you upwards of $75 just to reserve the location. Also, ranches traveling to
your site often charge a trailer fee to get the horse(s) to your location. You'll
save that fee in getting everyone to the ranch.

Another expense you save in having your party at a ranch instead of at a
park is that you won't have to pay for the insurance costs that are often
required by the city if you offer pony rides at a park.

What's more, there's lots of atmosphere at the ranch, so you won't need to
invest much in decorations for your horse theme party. Just set a proper
table setting for your
horse theme birthday cake and you're done.

If you choose to have a party at your Suburban home, it will certainly be a
spectacle for the neighbors! Enjoy the fun, but make sure there's a plan for
the horse apples.

Whatever venue you choose for your pony party, it's sure to be an event to
remember if you incorporate pony rides.

Pony Parties
We're busy building a pony party directory in each state. Here is an example
of pony party locations in California:

Northern California

Southern California
For your pony party Southern California, start with the Equestrian Directory.

More pony party locations in the United States.
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