Pony Party Decoration Ideas
Ideas for your pony party

Decorating for a pony party is easy when your setting is a ranch, but if your party is at
home, we have some tips to make your party horsey.

  • Get out the model horses and miniature bales of hay. Find mini hay bales for model
    horses online, pictured above, and pair them with your Breyer horse figurines.

  • Hey, HAY! A bale of hay may be hard to come by, but hey, there are mini bales of
    hay available for the tables (bales of straw come as small as 3" x 3" x 5"). You
    just can't find them at the local party supply store, so search online or the craft
    store during the fall. If you can find real hay bale then create a hay bale horse.
    Get real hay bales for the party at a local feed store or pet shop, then borrow or
    rent a saddle from a local tack shop, and add a horse head (like a stick horse) to
    create a memorable photo opportunity. If you can't find a saddle to buy, borrow
    or rent, then throw in a Mexican blanket or classic wool plaid one and create a
    backdrop for picture, which you can sue as keepsakes or include to each guest
    with the thank you notes.

  • Horse around with a pretend campfire. Build a stick "fire" by cutting construction
    paper into orange red and yellow flames (orange and yellow cellophane also
    works well) and arrange them on sticks. Just build a fire boy scout style and glue
    your "flames" strategically. You can also make "logs" out of brown craft paper by
    rolling and crunching them into log shapes. Have guests sit on pillows or logs
    around your artificial bonfire.

  • Teach an old horse new tricks! Get creative with what you may already have (or
    find new uses for new things):
  • Fill an old barrel with stick horses. This adorable barrel  toothbrush holder,
    available on Amazon, would be a fun holder for utensils or lollipops at your
  • Try galvanized buckets instead of coolers for drinks.
  • Insert a vase into an old boot and make a floral arrangement.
  • Use real bandannas as napkins. Tie bandannas with brown craft string  
    (jute) and a horse figurine as the napkin rings.
  • After you're done creating your birthday cake, use that horse-shoe pan for
    chips or trail mix to add to your horsey theme.

More Horse theme party decoration ideas:

Here's an idea to get the party started: Decorate party goers as they enter the party
or have them dress the part of farm folks, cowboys or riders.
Create your own pony
props (heads and tails) or provide a stick horse or an inflatable horse for party goers
to "ride." A horse mask (just $4.80 for a set of 12) is easy and affordable fun. For a
wild West theme, draw a curly moustache with an eyebrow liner, and top with cowboy
hat or bandanna. (Bandannas are cheaper online and easier to buy in bulk.) For an
equestrian theme, give kids plastic jockey helmets and Dressage numbers and letters
to have them racing about.

Balloon tips
If you choose balloons, here are some ideas:
  • Transporting dozens of balloons from the party supply store is a challenge
    unless you own a van. If you're set on balloons, choose a select set of mylar
    balloons. Better yet, choose 15-inch inflatable horses that double as favors.

  • Horse-shaped mylar balloons are hard to come by at your local party supply
    store, and if you are lucky to find them they can be more than $5 a pop. You can
    buy a bevy of horse-shaped balloons on eBay for a fair price and have the local
    grocery store fill them or rent a helium tank.

  • Party savings idea: Balloons double as party favors. Buy mylar horse shaped
    balloons online. Not only are they easer to find online, and they last longer than
    regular balloons, but you'll also save money as they are a fraction of the price of
    what you'd pay at the local party supply store. Fill with helium for around fifty
    cents each at your local party supply or grocery store.

    Don't want balloons at the party? Buy horse shaped inflatables online, or hire a
    performer to make horse shaped balloons. We have lots of horse party game
    ideas with inflatable horses. The inflatable cactus, left, makes an ideal
    decoration for a Western pony party.

    NOTE: Balloons pose a threat to toddlers and infants who may suck on and
    inhale the plastic.

  • Tie a sturdy steed. Make a balloon bouquet table centerpiece using a beloved
    Breyer horse.

  • Use goodie bags as balloon weights. Mylar balloons can double as a party favor
    and you can use the goodie bags as balloon weights and scatter throughout the
    party, then dole them out as guests leave.

  • Tie balloons to horse shoes. If you don't live near a local feed or farm supply, you
    can buy real horseshoes on eBay and paint them or leave them in their natural
    state and tie balloon bouquets to them. Hot pink is a fun addition to a pink
    cowgirl birthday party. You can also glue glitter and gems to give them a special

  • Don't want to bother with balloons at the party? For an outdoor party, inflatable
    horses toys work great for decoration and they double as a favor. See our
    inflatable horse favors.

More ideas for a horse theme party:

  • Set out some feed bags. Create "feed bags" out of Hessian cloth (burlap sack
    material) for the chips, pretzels or pony party snacks. Sew a burlap sack and use
    a Sharpie to write Feed Bag. Use the container for popcorn or your favorite chips.

  • Head West to the camping store. Pick up some enamel or metal mugs for camping
    to use for cups at your party. After lunch, wash them up and include in the
    roundup of favors. You can pre-package the favors in cellophane so they slip in
    nicely for a festive presentation.

  • Serve up the fun. Party sweets are somehow sweeter in upturned mini plastic
    cowboy hats. Stuff a bag of chips inside a pair of old cowboy boots or a cowboy
    hat. (Everyone will get a kick, and you may even get a few brave takers to dig
    into the chips.)

  • Get rid of the horse-flies. Set the tables with galvanized buckets of citronella
    (Amscan) to keep the bugs away and stick to the theme.

  • Turn the buffet table into a meadow of green grass. Cut green crepe paper into
    small strips to look like grass and arrange it at the edge of your table, then prop
    some horse figurines.

  • Round up the ranch hands. Call the little ranch hands to supper with a cowbell or
    by ringing a triangle instrument. Make the announcement that before chowing
    down all little ranch hands wash up, especially if there has been any handling of
    animals. You don't want the little cowpokes to get sick.

  • Get personal. Purchase personalized calling cards online. Calling cards work well
    as business cards, baby cards, gift tags, enclosure, cards and place cards. Try
    this "Horse Name Calling Card" from Amy Adele as a Kentucky Derby Place Card
    for the kids, left.

  • Make signs for the bathrooms to direct the "fillies" and "colts." Add a few simple
    touches to your bathrooms to round out the look of your theme party. Buy soaps
    in shapes of horses, horse shoe, or cowboy boots, for example. (Soaps also
    make easy party favors.) Find an old cowboy boot and insert a water bottle and
    a bouquet of flowers. Put up fun signs to direct partygoers to the bathrooms.
    You can even get custom soaps created for you on eBay or Etsy. If you shop
    eBay for your horse theme party decor, please be sure to get cash back
    shopping eBay.
Pony party decoration ideas...
Horse theme party
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