Need inspiration for your pony party?
Check out these unique horse theme party ideas with ideas for birthday cakes, snacks,
food, games activities, decorations and favors for your "mane event". Party themes
Carousel horse party ideas, Cowboy party ideas, Princess Pony party ideas,
Pink cowgirl party ideas, Western party ideas, Kentucky derby party ideas.

Need inexpensive horse party supplies?
Our sweet mare and foal party starter kit has the beginning of a wonderful memory.
You get a invitations, party plates, napkins, and cups, plus stickers to decorate, stickers
for favors and cowboy candies.

Pony Party Starter Kit for 12 includes:
lunch and dessert service for 12-16
  • 2 sets party invitations (16) $7.98 value
  • 2 sets pony lunch plates (16) $6.98 value
  • 1 set lunch napkins (16) $5.90 value
  • 2 sets pony dessert plates (16) $5.90 value
  • 1 set dessert napkins (16) $3.69 value
  • 2 sets pony party cups (16) $6.98 value
  • 1 set beverage napkins (16) $3.69 value
  • 1 roll horse stickers (100/roll) $2.95 value
  • 2 sets rodeo stickers (24) $5.98 value)
  • 52 wrapped packages of cowboy candies for pinata or favors $.98 value

Total value $56.24 (just $19.95 + $9.98 Priority Mail).

NOTE: We are currently out of stock. Please check again.
Pony party birthday idea
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