Pony Party Invitations
Hand stamped invitations
Pony Party Invitations
Horsey invitation ideas for your theme party

Get ideas for horse theme birthday party invitations, including wording ideas, free
invitations and more.

You've come to the right place for Horse theme birthday invitations, whether you're
having a Cowboy Party, a Pink Cowgirl Party, a Kentucky Derby Party, or other horse
theme party. Stop horsing around and get real with these fun invitation and wording
ideas to make yours the best pony party ever:

  • Time it right. It's best to send invitations about two and half weeks before the
    event date. This allows just enough courtesy for your guests and ensures the
    best attendance.

  • Involve your child in the invitation making. Have him or her embellish cards
    with stamps, stickers, and envelope stuffing. Melissa and Doug makes an
    affordable set of wooden horse stamps.

  • Make a mini diorama with a cardboard jewel box. Get jewel boxes at
    TheContainerstore.com. Glue a plastic horse figurine inside the box (you can
    create a scene using construction paper for the pasture, sky and clouds). Stick
    the invitation inside and use the outside of the box for the envelope. Seal with
    four circle stickers. Or buy a ready made set of diorama invitations at
    PlumParty, pictured, right.

  • Save time by addressing your thank you cards simultaneously. Another great
    tip is to keep your guest list handy by the phone so that you can check off the
    RSVPs as they come.

  • Make it a class act. If you're inviting the whole class, hand deliver invitations at
    school and include a small horse figurine or a mini-plastic cowboy hat with the
    invitation tucked inside.. Make sure to invite everyone or mail the invitations so
    the kids left out won't feel hurt. Handing invitations personally is a lot more fun
    and you won't have to go to the post office or label with addresses.

  • Add horse theme confetti to the invitations. You'll find confetti in horse-shoe
    shapes, jockey with horse, as well as cowboy boots, and cacti. Search Amazon
    and eBay. It's like packing a party in the invitations and it's sure to raise a smile.

Wording ideas
Invitations help set the scene for your theme party whether your party is a Wild West
theme, barnyard party, or other party theme, and it's okay to horse around with our
wording ideas for your invitations.

  • Wanted: your little outlaw
  • Calling all Cowpokes!
  • Dust off your boots for Danny's birthday party
  • Saddle up Janie is turning 3!
  • Calling all cowgirls and cowboys, squaws and braves to the birthday reservatio

Party date:
  • Ride on over at (party date and time)
  • Round up is at high noon, on (day and date).

  • Ranch: (party address).
  • Mosey on down to the Corral (party address).
  • Home on the range: (party address).
  • Come to the OK Corral (party address).

  • Send smoke signals for regrets to (Buffalo Bill,).
  • Neighs only to (host name).
  • RSVP to Sheriff (host name).

Sample Invitation (words to use for invitations to a horse theme party):

    Saddle up for Savanna's Birthday Party
    CORRAL: MorningStar Farm (885 Sutro Avenue, Novato)
    ROUND UP:  Saturday, August 30 (9:45 a.m sharp!)
  • Arrival and refreshments for the posse: 9:45-10:00
  • Pony rides for the little buckaroos: 10:00-11:00 ("mane" event)
  • Petting zoo for all the cowpokes: 11:00 -11:15  
  • Lunch and cake for all the ranch hands: 11:30 - 12:00
  • Pinata and favors for the little bronco busters: 12:00 - 12:30
    RSVP to Sheriff Cheryl by returning the release form. Send smoke signals for
    Dress code: Any kind of denim duds will do, but please:
  • Bring your bicycle helmet.
  • Wear close toe shoes (adults included).

Thank you card ideas:
  • "Hay!" Thanks for coming to my pony party. I had fun horsing around with you
    and I really appreciate the [gift].

  • Just wanted to say "Yee Haw" (one more time), and thanks for coming to my

Invitation Design Ideas and Freebies

Custom invitation ideas
Have an invitation tailor made for your pony party:
Derby Day party invitations

FREE Horse Theme Party Invitations
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More free invitation ideas:
While you can always buy invitations for a pony party, you can make your own or
send free invitations by e-mail from Evite:

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