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If you're thinking of having a horse theme birthday, then you're probably thinking of
renting a pony. Sometimes a local stable will offer ponies for rent at your location;
however, beware that many tack the added cost of hitching a trailer to and from your
locale. Know that it's easier on your budget and you'll have a better experience to
have the pony party at the stable. So leave the horse flies and apples where they
belong: at the stables!

To ensure that renting a pony is safe and enjoyable for all, consider these tips for party
planning and safety:

  • If you want an off location party, such as a park, you must consult with the city
    to ensure you have a permit. Without a permit your whole party could come to a

  • When looking for a pony party location call first to ask questions, then arrange a

  • Observe to see that the animals are clean, content and gentle.

  • Ask whether the stable owner has had any accidents and whether they
    carry insurance. Likewise, consult with your insurance agent as to the
    liability provisions on your homeowners or renters policy may cover you in
    the event the unexpected happens.

  • If there's a petting zoo, ensure they have a USDA license. Having a license
    ensures living conditions and daily care is adequate for the animals, but
    also that it is safe for the kids. If they have a petting zoo, they are
    required to have the license.

  • Request a trained attendant for the pony to walk your little riders. Then have the
    parents walk alongside to ensure the child is sitting properly in the seat.

  • Create an activity for the kids waiting for their pony rides and for those who are
    afraid of ponies. You can have them color pictures of ponies, play with horse
    figurines, ride stick horses, or just blow bubbles.

  • Bring your own baby wipes and anti-sceptic spray to help party goers clean up
    before eating.

  • Most importantly, make sure your little guests bring good shoes, a pair of long
    pants, and a bicycle helmet for the ride. (No open toed shoes.)Parents should
    wear sturdy shoes and long pants as well.
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